Children on Stun

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Another love, another beginning

wake in fright before dawn

kiss the world while its warm

carnivals at the edge of reason

dont be afraid of deeper seas


another beginning, another love


scarlet cracks split apart the grey sky

so beautiful just before it breaks

crystal birds lifting me to heaven

future, past, what will be


another beginning, another love  

another beginning, another love


a new sun burns cold in the unknown

so run through summer heat

running while we're dancing

can you feel it coming?


green light, when you slide, follow

secrets breaking apart

the dead inside wont know

soldier cold and miles from home

sailor on the sea alone

the leaves burn within the suns corona

silver birds are coming

a sequence in the background running

we alive encircled spinning


another love another beginning

another love another beginning

another love another beginning


and im burning out,

burning up, burning out

now i feel