Children on Stun

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building boxes

My adhesive kiss that lingers


In the grip of sticky fingers


Open up your foaming mouth wide


Scream girls if you want to go faster


Ride the hot dog rollercoaster


We're off on Mondo holiday


So don't go away




Hitting the high life this means of escape


Let's get glue sniffers Evostick blisters


The changing stigmata that cling to your face


Let's get glue sniffers Evostick blisters



Reality is interference


Six miles high it makes no difference


Loved up in the high rise


Imaginary entertainments


One way out from social containment


You're one up if you're still alive


So don't go and die




Write your cause on the concrete walls


Scratch your name on car park doors


They'll be there for eternity


Kevin and half of Lorraine


These reminders of my former glories


Of love above and beyond


My name is a stain on the pavement of shame


Friday nights are all the same



Building boxes


Living in a bubble


Smash this town and play in the rubble


Let's get vague