Children on Stun

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Download the entire unedited bootleg audio recording

of the stun's Fiddlers Elbow Gig in London 8/9/18 for free!!!


If you would like what you have and you want  to make a

small donation of £1.99 to help with recording and

pressing costs of new single 'echoes', please feel free.

Purchase is not required and no-one

will know if you dont, so dont feel you have to...

....but a big THANK YOU if you do...x


Click the cover-art to download the music

or use the alternate offsite link if that's still not working as it should....




Echoes, Singles & Doubles, Building Boxes, Sidelined,

Whisky a go go, Scum, Style Police, Hollow,

Tortured by a sense of humour, Overland,

The Downfall, Celebration, I wanna be your dog

album cover