Children on Stun

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Now I'm alone at night


I feel I'm blessed with second sight


We shout and we run away


Why's it always feel this way?


So no one can tell me what it's like to be hollow


Cos it's a lonely feeling


When I've blown what's left of my life


The cards will tell me everything's alright




When our love falls thin and hollow


When all hope is gone


When two wrongs make it right


She said, "No love is strong" and hope leaps from his eyes


He said, "She let it fall" and nothing's left behind





Scratch and you can see how deep this goes


It's there and all for show


There's always someone shouting, "I'm never wrong"


And, "Stay where you belong"


Faithless hope


No memory could leave alone


It's safer on your own


Oh paranoia's dead end light


Is dancing round your head tonight




How could you do that to me?