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A huge thank you

By thargoids, Mar 5 2017 08:40PM

Thanks to everyone who made last nights Carpe Noctum in Leeds so much fun. We really had a blast and we really thank everybody who travelled from near and [very] far for coming and for giving us and the other bands a really warm welcome and especially Howard for continuing to fight the good fight and putting these events on every month.

See you in Germany for next months Gotham sounds festival.....

all the love,

the stun

[addendum - I dunno who took the main [ie good pic] but marge took those other out of focus grainy,almost unusable ones ;) x

Mar 9 2017 11:21AM by Marge von Munchingindahausen

Some top photos there! Wonder who took two of 'em? :P

M xxx

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