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Stun news for curious stunkids

By thargoids, Jul 29 2018 05:13PM

Good news for us but bad news if you're late to get a ticket. The London show at the Fiddlers Elbow with Manuskript and DJ Kell Kill is now Sold Out! Thank you for your support as always, its always appreciated x

By thargoids, Jul 10 2018 02:33PM

Kyle and Neil are heading back into Savage Sounds recording studio on the 24th of July to record new material for an EP due for release later in the year. More news to follow

By thargoids, Jun 20 2018 08:54AM

We're sad to say that Stu is leaving the Stun.

I know both Kyle and I are incredibly grateful to him for all he's done. As a band wouldnt have survived the trauma of Si's passing without his positivity, hard work and quiet brilliance.

He suffered at our hands many times but always came through, like the diamond he is, tolerating tantrums and buffoonery that no intelligent adult should have to deal with. Smoothing the waters and covering the cracks with a musicianship and intelligence we can only dream of..

There is no personal animosity at his departure, just a sad resignation that we couldnt function properly as we are. Life does indeed get in the way sometimes.

We all wish him even more success than he already has and does indeed deserve. Good luck Stu, you played a blinder..

As a side note and to avoid speculation, the stun continue and the live dates will go ahead as planned.

As a side note and to avoid speculation, the stun continue and the live dates will go ahead as planned.

By thargoids, Jun 6 2018 12:11PM

Two new live dates have been announced for September. The stun will be in Leeds on the 1st at Carpe Noctum with the Spiritual Bat and Futurecide Uk and in London on the 8th at the Fiddlers Elbow with Manuskript. Head on over to the gig section for more details

By thargoids, May 5 2018 12:18PM

Thanks for a great night down in the basement of the Hope and Anchor. It was fun, wasnt it?

The usual riot ensued with new, rarely played and cover songs too to keep everyone on their toes.

The band want to thank all those who had a hand in making a stun army cake too complete with little stun boys on top. A beautiful and completly unexpected tasty treat. Thank you. Youre a special and greatly appreciated lot.

We're still waiting on the preliminary mixes of our last recording session but we plan to go back into the studio and record some more in the coming weeks. There are no more live dates booked atm but just so you know thats not going to be a permanent thing.....

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