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Stun news for curious stunkids

By thargoids, Mar 25 2019 01:19PM

It's been very busy in Stunland this last month, so much so the band have neglected to let you know that their new EP 'Echoes' is actually out and you can buy it in the stun shop. If you want to save money and download it, you can get it from....

The stun played a few shows with their mates from Nosferatu, taking in the glorious 100 club in London. They've just returned from Berlin after a set at the Dark Spring Festival. The band were informed that they would not be getting a soundcheck so had to turn up an play cold,. It was rough, but a lot of fun....

The band's next live date is Edingburgh and Nottingham in a months time. They will be working on new material in between.....

Thanks to all who came to a show or have bought a copy of Echoes. Your support is vital and wonderful.

By thargoids, Feb 16 2019 12:47PM

With a month to go we are now taking preorders for Echoes [out March 15th on Armalyte Industries].

You can preview/ hear the title track as well as preorder the EP, the download or the uber limited Deluxe edition. Both Cd's come with at least one signed polaroid of one of the band, but dont let that put you off.......think of it as a kind of goth game of pokemon.......the deluxe edition has all three and is limited to 25 copies.

You can find the link or for more info go to the shop section and find out more there....

I hope its worth the wait,

the stun x

By thargoids, Feb 14 2019 12:07PM

The band were in the White room studio [London] on Sunday 10th Feb shooting a video for 'Echoes' with Blackswitch Labs . . Everyone surprised themselves by having a great time posing and miming....The Echoes E.P. is out on March 15th.

By thargoids, Feb 6 2019 01:18PM

The band will be releasing echoes on friday 15th of March and kicking off their tour at Carpe Noctum [@ Lending room], Leeds with Nosferatu, also taking in London, Berlin, Edinburgh and Nottingham. The boys will be shooting the video for echoes on Sunday 10th.....more news to follow

By thargoids, Jan 12 2019 07:19PM

New date announced as part of the 'echoes' tour. The stun will be playing the Chameleon Arts Cafe with The Glass House Museum & Rain Children. The venue is small and tickets will be in advance only. You'll be up close and personal with the'll be sweaty and one not to miss!

Ticket info and more details can be found in the gig section

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