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By thargoids, Jan 1 2019 01:31PM

We're extremely excited to announce the signing of a deal with Armalyte Industries, home of Cubanate, Chris Connelly [Ministry/RevCo], PIG among many others. This will be our first release in 20 years and we're excited if slightly dazed that it's taken quite so long.....

This release will be a five track EP 'Echoes' which will be out on 15th March 2019 to coincide with live dates in London, Berlin, Leeds, Edinburgh. More dates to be announced...



All the pain of love


Another love, another beginning


By thargoids, Dec 25 2018 06:27PM

The stun will be appearing with Nosferatu and Momento Mori on the 16th of March at the fabulous Carpe Noctum night in Leeds. Full details in the gig section

By thargoids, Dec 12 2018 07:13PM

The stun will be appearing at the 'Dark Spring Festival'in Berlin, Germany in March next year.

Line Up 2019

- Children on Stun (UK)

- Then Comes Silence (SWE)

- Golden Apes (GER)

- Whispers in the Shadow (A)

- The Foreign Resort (DK)

- Giant Waves (RUS)

Early Bird Tickets via:

Ab 20.12. auch über :

More details in the gig section

By thargoids, Oct 21 2018 11:30AM

Although publically quiet, lots has been happening in stunland. A gig in Scotland has been announced, Edinburgh 20th April next year. Tickets are available right now from the 'gig' section of the website. A gig in Nottingham the day after will be formally announced once the details/support has been arranged.

The stun are currently mixing their new material and have been negotiating with a label for its release. i cant say too much more right now, the agreement has been made but the paperwork hasnt been finalised. More on that to come in the next few weeks.

Kyle and Neil went into the studio to record 'Signs' earlier in the week and its now in the hands of Gordon for his guitaring and mixpertise [is that a word?]. Along with all the previous recording sessions/songs.

The band recently made a white label promo copy of Hollow available for auction. The £102 raised went to the British Heart Foundation in memory and celebration of Simon;s birthday as there was no Birthday Bash this year. A big thanks to all who bid on that [but especially S.D.]

I think that covers it... x

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