Children on Stun

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pandoras box

A hard choice to make the move around


Hard luck is all I need right now


This is just another low


Another side you've yet to see of me


Like a stain that spreads around me


How the secrecy within me lied


Oh, let's join the low life


Outside, Tonight


Relations soured at your eleventh hour


Save it all, Don't hold it out








It's hard to celebrate


It's holier to be erased


The more we see the more we hide


She moves through the game


Delights in acting center stage


Looking good out of sight


I'm low down in the high life


I despise what's right


I don't want tomorrows


When revelations follow


I'll leave alone and live without

How long have we been together?


It feels like forever


Hold on to love


I'm higher now


I'm braver now


I've never tried suicide