Children on Stun

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singles & doubles

Singles and doubles


Trick or treat


What do you want now


You're out of reach?


I was a bullet with your name on, fired the wrong way


Your call up papers on the eve of war


I was dead on the outbreak


True love's insecurities


I'm still in my slow head jealousy


If that's all wishful thinking


That must be it for me


I've got all I want this time


I don't need you


Now that I'm clean


No longer weak


I'll fall and rise


And I'll survive the highs and lows


And the times that go in-between

Singles and doubles


Tight as a fist


Throw molotov cocktails with a slick haemorrhage


Semi naked on aggravation


Over exposure and deprivation


I'm out there in empty space


I used to want to sit not stand on your face


Leftovers, so disfigured


Your stick of love


But it's not gonna beat me