Children on Stun

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style police

We can appear as blue rinsed Rudolph Hess's


We're pinheads with claws


Cool prophets hidden message


We call ourselves the Style Police


And the guilty should be scared


Ten years for a duffle coat  


And life for yellow flares




Look like a monster?


Do you look like a monster?


Then make a statement to the officer


I wasn't there It wasn't me


There's no day release


When you get a little visit from the Style Police


If you're a clothes show Rodney King


Or a Ronnie Biggs in dresses


Or rubbed your hands with glee  


when the pack-a-mac was invented


We have a little cell for you


Where the food is dog shit scented


Our Alcatraz with fashion mags


Your cell mate's Miss Demented




The verdict is in


It's execution at dawn


For you fashion whore


Don't mess with the Style SS


Vogue Vigilantes


Don't mess with the Style SS