Children on Stun

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whisky a go go

There is a nature show at the whisky a-go-go


There is a girl I know all the colours of the rainbow


I watch her freaking out


She climbs the starlet ladder


We need your drug cos it's the only one we love




When I'm with you I'm all alone


The lights are on but no one's home


Starring in your Twilight Zone


Chasing desire


Are you a friend or enemy


Now I hate you like you hate me


In every word a mystery


Chasing desire, Chasing desire


My baby doll, how could you be so stupid


Life's getting tough, well we could always lose it


Let's ride the lines when planet earth is calling


We need your drug cos it's the only one we love




You need something every night


To get yourself feeling alright


Did you buy yourself that other gram, man?


Took it all on a boring Sunday


Having trouble all day Monday


Now I think I've forgotten who I am