Children on Stun

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Formed in August 1991 by Simon Treen, Neil Ash & Pete Finnmore and shortly joined after by Simon Manning [Felo-de-se] and taking their name from a song by the band The March Violets, Children on Stun appeared to enjoy a relatively large amount of success in a short period of time.


The band's first gig took place at "The Crypt" in Hastings. In the same year, the band also recorded their first demo,"Elegance". Treen left within a year of the band forming. The Stun also made an appearance in Mick Mercer's second gothic Rock book on the gothic rock genre,  boosting the band's popularity further


In 1992, the band supported Nosferatu & Rosetta Stone on their UK tour. Later on that year, they released their second demo, "Choices".


The band went on to release two more demos in 1993, entitled "Monochrome I" and "Monochrome II". They used the profits from the demos to release their first single, "Hollow" on their own Inquisition label.. The band secured a record contract with Cleopatra Records in 1994 and released the album Tourniquets of Love's Desire. Originally the band had started recording the album in Liverpool with Rosetta Stone but unhappy with the results the band aborted the sessions. With no money and unemployed, the band borrowed money and went into the studio and recorded the album in a weekend. This was produced by Ex-Rosetta Stone's Porl Young.


Towards the end of the year, the band was approached by Swedish label M&A Musicart and asked to produce an EP. This resulted in the Overland EP being released. Again the recording took place over a weekend and was produced by Simon Manning. Overland was the last release by the band to feature guitarist Finnmore.


Never happy with their American label and tied to a bad deal, Cleopatra released 'Celibacy and Anadin'. This contract forfilling EP included remixes by Rosetta Stone [which were the original aborted versions of the Tourniquets sessions] plus two songs written by Manning and Ash, 'Celibacy and Anadin' and 'Mr Porcupine'.  After the release of this EP, the band happily ended their contract with Cleopatra.


Kyle Whipp (formerly of 'Soul Inside') joined the band in 1995 as their new bass player with Manning permanently moving to guitar. The band's first gig featuring Whipp took place at London's Camden Underworld. The 'Celebration Drug' EP was released later on in the year and including the popular track "Whiskey a-go-go". In August of the same year, the band went on the first of two tours of Scandinavia.


1996 saw the band begin to record their new album, Mondo Weird in Shoreham with production again handled by Porl Young. Recording and mixed within a week. Mondo Weird was released in 1997. M&A Musicart released the single "Pin ups, Soap Operas and Natural Disasters" later that year although the band hated the result. Despondent about the future and with health, financial and legal problems, the group decided to end things while still on friendly terms.


A remix LP 'Outrageous, Outlawed, Outspoken' was released by M&A in 1998: during the same year, the band announced that they would be splitting up. They played their final gig at the Camden Underworld on 24 May 1998  Resurrection Records also released a CD of this gig entitled Seven Year Itch [which sadly they never paid the band for...]


In 2005 M&A Musicart released a compilation called Rough Trade on a Cheap Promotion, featuring the band's b-sides, alternate song versions and demos.


During the 17 year split Simon Manning made 'Spares' a solo project with various musicians and friends [including Whipp & Ash' later becoming the main songwriter behind 'Grooving in Green'

Kyle Whipp & Neil Ash formed 'The Stripper Project' and recorded a demo album 'Brilliant Life'.


On 15 May 2015 Children on Stun reformed for a sell-out reunion gig at the o2 Academy2 in Islington, London and within a few weeks had announced they were reforming.


On July 4, 2015, Tragedy struck with Simon Manning sadly passing away in his sleep from heart failure.


On the 24th of October 2015 the Stun had a charity fundraising birthday party in memory of Simon. They were joined by Simon's long term band-mate and friend Stuart Harper [Felo-De-Se] who stood in for Simon. Also paying tribute were Vendemmian, whom Simon had joined for a short time and The Last Cry a favourite band of Simon's, all gave their services for free on an emotional night. The money raised was split between the British Heart Foundation and the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.


'Dancing with Mr Punch' a strictly limited edition Stun Cd of 100 copies, compiled by John D'Anter, containing all four early studio demos on CD was made available to attendees of Simons Birthday memorial gig with the proceeds also going to charity.


2016 saw the band continue with Stuart Harper joining permanently on guitar.


On October the 22nd 2016 a second Charity event [The Birthday Bash 2] was organized in their hometown of Hastings in memory of Simon Manning. That same night a limited edition Cd, 'This Sideshow Burlesque' was released first to all attendees. Only 100 hand-numbered copies were pressed with all profits from the release going to two heart charities. The track-list contained rare live tracks from the bands early career.


Forfilling an ambition of Simons, The Stun appeared in rousing form at the Whitby Goth Weekend on Nov 5th with the Mission and Skeletal Family debuting new material.This was the third time in the band have played the event, in 1995 and headlining in 1997. A touching tribute was made by the Missions Wayne Hussey, dedicating 'Tower of Strength' to Simon.


2017 saw the stun make a surprise announcement that they would split due to 'musical differences'.


2018 After a break of a year they attempted to restart, announcing a small comeback date in London at the home of punk, the Bull & Gate, London. As well as recording two new songs 'Echoes' & 'All the pain of love' at Savage Sounds, Hastings.


With tensions again resurfacing during the recording sessions the band decided it was best to split permanently. Stuart Harper leaves and Whipp & Ash continue recording.  'Another love, another beginning' is demo'd at Savage Sounds, Hastings.


With pressing commitments the band ask long term friend and guitarist, Gordon Young [ex Dream Disciples] to join the group.


The stun are currently writing/recording new material for a winter release